Thoughts from a Medium Medium

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I have a lot to say and I’m not sure where to start… Recently, a friend asked me about this guy she had seen on TV — Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium. She wanted to know if he was legit, if he does what I do, and what the heck is a medium anyway? Am I channeling dead people? How do I …


Tarot vs Oracle Cards: What’s the Difference & Which Kind Should I Get?!

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The top row in this picture shows three different tarot cards from three different decks. Tarot is a divination tool using a deck of cards with symbolic imagery. Tarot decks have 22 major arcana cards – like The Magician pictured above, which represent deeper or “bigger” energies/archetypes/stages of evolution. Then there is the minor arcana, 56 cards divided into 4 …



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What The Fuck has been falling out of my mouth A LOT lately. I imagine I’m not alone in this. As someone who is deeply committed to heart-centered living, I’ve been learning a lot about love. About where anger fits in to the equation. There’s this guy in Texas that thinks that women who get abortions should be charged with …


How to Connect with Your Guides In One Easy Step

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I’m often asked to help people connect with their guides, with departed loved ones, with their own intuition. I field questions about sacred rituals and which crystals to work with and what a particular symbol means. I’ve watched with a mixture of gratitude and concern as tarot, yoga, meditation, and reiki have become mainstream. Mystical is trendy, spiritual “gangstas” are …

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What’s my Life Purpose?

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When you have cleared out the blocks to the free flow of spirit through you and out, your body becomes an instrument of pure divine expression. Your wants and creative thoughts can guide that flow into a particular expression, directed by what your own soul wants at a particular moment. When your personality is scattered, busy, loud, it can redirect …


I Talk to Angels and Dead People

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I stepped out of the Woo closet a few months ago. And now I’m stepping out even further… deep breath, Leah, it’s gonna be ok.   I talk to Angels. And dead people. And other beings of light.   I’m not announcing this to invite judgment – good OR bad – I’m announcing it because doing so feels right at …