11 Small Steps for MASSIVE Changes

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Clients often ask me how to feel less stress, how to find out WHAT their “purpose” is, or what would bring more joy, balance, and meaning into their lives. How to even make time for all this stuff, in the midst of the practicalities of everyday living – juggling work, family, obligations, and hopefully some semblance of a social life. …


How Do I Meditate? Part I

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Sitting lotus-style in a candlelit room, OM-ing to chant music, not a thought in one’s mind. Blissfully relaxed. Supremely calm. Undisturbed by emotions, the fly buzzing around, your foot falling asleep… This is the image that often comes to mind when people think of meditation. And last I checked, 99% of the people I know aren’t Buddhist monks who have …

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How Woah Can You Go?

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Ok, that’s a cheesy title. I know, I know. But I’m a little cheesy sometimes. Part of my charm! So…woah. Woah to the woo. I’ve talked about this a little bit already, but it’s still a theme in my life these days – the coming out as an energy worker, as someone who pays attention to intuition, to inner (and …


Why This? Why Now?

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I used to have a “normal” job. I worked for nonprofit organizations for nearly a decade, wearing a variety of hats from volunteer coordinator to fundraiser to social worker (which includes many hats, in and of itself, as most jobs do!). The Reiki thing was always on the side. The lightwork/woowoo stuff was kept neatly tucked in a closet and …

What’s a Chakra?

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  In the world of energy and/or lightwork, the term chakra is often used. Most people have a vague idea of what a chakra is, but aren’t totally sure of the specifics. In Sanskrit, the term literally means wheel. But a chakra is actually a center or point of energy in the body. There are seven main chakras from your …