Meditation Resources for The Guild

Class 2 Resources:  Getting our brains to shut the f*ck up

Before meditating: dim the lights, light a candle, use relaxing scents to help the brain know it’s time to relax. Doing this regularly will create a conditioned response that lets you slip into a meditative state easier and deeper over time.

Guided Meditations

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Binaural Beats – Need Headphones

Dropbox links to guided meditations I recorded:

Chakra clearing and Relaxation

Opening to Receive Love

Link to some of my all-time fave meditations (free and online!): Orin’s Meditation Room


Class 1 Resources: Meditation basics and Mindfulness

Vagus Nerve Information:



Additional information:

Vagus 1

Vagus 2

Video about Vagus Nerve: Greater Good Science Center


Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

Mindfulness Meditation Video

Brain Wave Info and Simple Meditation Tips

Meditation and Sleep


Tummo Meditation video – Tibetan Monks changing body temp



Book Recommendation: The Book of Awakening