How I Work

I gratefully accept donations for the work I do. I am on-call for my community, and while I offer sessions at suggested rates which allow me to do this work full-time, I am also committed to making my services available to those who need it, regardless of finances. People reach out when they are seeking insight, feeling lost or confused or alone, facing major life changes, grieving, birthing, and in need of support. I do not bill people for my time, and it is truly an honor to connect others to resources, to watch them walk through life’s challenges and find strength and truth and clarity.

Your donations allow me to feed my family, keep the lights on, and continue offering my services and support to all who need it – not just those who can “afford” it. I believe that healing, support, love, magic, compassionate listening, and intuitive insight should be available for everyone, and I believe that when we all contribute what we can, everyone’s needs are met. I am here for you, and cost should not be an obstacle to receiving support. Please do not hesitate to book a session with me if money is an obstacle.

If you’d like to contribute for support received, or would like to contribute on behalf of those who cannot, please do so here.

I am so thankful for your contribution!

Virtual Donation Box.