How Woah Can You Go?

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Ok, that’s a cheesy title. I know, I know. But I’m a little cheesy sometimes. Part of my charm!

So…woah. Woah to the woo. I’ve talked about this a little bit already, but it’s still a theme in my life these days – the coming out as an energy worker, as someone who pays attention to intuition, to inner (and outer) guidance, someone who meditates regularly and clears chakras and wears a pretty crystal necklace. This is my work now. This is who I am (in part). This is what I do. For a living. For my meaningful, purposeful, joyful work in the world. And to pay the electric bill. Or at least a third of it.

And it’s still sometimes uncomfortable to talk about. Filling out my son’s preschool information sheets and writing “Holistic Energy Practitioner” next to Mother’s Occupation. I can hear the person reading it thinking…”Woah. That’s…interesting.” And maybe they also think it’s amazing and exciting and great. And maybe they think it’s silly and stupid. But usually, there’s the Woah moment. A pause. A come again.

Just yesterday I was at an event and someone asked about my photography business. And I said, “Oh, I’m not taking photos anymore. I’m doing Reiki sessions and guided meditation groups.” Blink Blink Pause. Ohhh, that’s great!

And sometimes the enthusiasm is genuine. And sometimes it is masking discomfort. And sometimes it’s a little of both. And it’s all good, it’s all ok. But I get that it is a little out of the ordinary, what I do. And sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable for me, too, to talk about it. I’m getting more comfortable with it. I’m stepping further and further out into the world as a holistic energy practitioner. As a woo-woo person. As someone invested in conscious (but often unseen) healing and transformation work. I talk about things like guides and DNA changes and dream symbolism and the effects of the new moon. But it’s not always easy or comfortable for me.

So I understand when a client is hesitant to come have a session with me. I understand the skepticism. I understand the wariness. I understand the doubt. Because I face it too, regularly. I also understand the embarrassment. What kind of sensible, well-educated person believes in this stuff?

Well, I do. And I’m definitely not the only one. Does it make me less educated? Does it make me less sane? Does it make my work less valuable? Does it make ME less valuable? I grapple with all of those questions. And then I get an email from a client telling me what a life-changing experience they’ve had. I go into a session not knowing what will unfold and out comes growth and healing and clarity and immense love and connection. And I know that this work is important. And I know I’m not crazy or silly for doing it, for believing that this energy is real. For listening to my inner wisdom. For talking to my guides and sharing their messages.

Woah. It’s a lot of wild stuff! I know. These are experiences that can’t fully be put into words. The energy must be felt. And I’m thankful that I get to feel it on a regular basis these days. I’m thankful I get validation in my own life to know that this stuff is REAL and valuable and actually impactful.

And it’s ok if you want to come have a session and not tell anyone. It’s ok if you aren’t ready to let your Woo flag fly at full mast. Or at all, yet. Because I know if you walk through my door, there is a tiny, hidden part of you that wants to believe this might be real (shhhh!). There’s a part of you already connected. And when you realize it, when you let that locked-up part of you out just a bit, that’s the best woah ever.