The Transformation Package

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Are you ready to shake things up? Are you aching to CLAIM the life you want? To bring more of your true self into being? To create a spiritual practice that actually works for you: one that nourishes your body and soul, connects you to your own guidance and intuition, and fits into the greater context of your full and amazing life?

And are you not quite sure how to make all that happen?

Well… helloooo there. Nice to meet you. Let’s get to work.

Oh, wait… you want some more info first? Ok, ok. Here ya go:


The Transformation Package

An all-access pass to my transformational tools for one monthly fee of $333.

This will look different for each person, because it will be tailored to what YOU need and want. For 4 weeks, you and I will work together to resource you fully as your transform your life.


Toolbox offerings include:

  • Astrological Insight
  • Tarot and Oracle card readings
  • Intuitive guidance and channeled messages
  • Remote Reiki (energy work)
  • Guided Meditations and Visualizations
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Creating and implementing a Sacred Self-Care Plan
  • And good, old-fashioned talking, sharing, listening, and support


We will connect through email, phone, text, and/or Facebook Messenger. Whatever is easiest for you – because this is all about YOU and your transformation. Getting the spiritual support you need in as easy and practical a way as possible. This is a super-flexible package, so if you’re more interested in astrology, we’ll focus on that! If you’d rather work on clearing your chakras and doing energy work, I’ve got you covered. If you are a Liberal Arts alum and want some of everything – I’m so there. This and that, let’s do it all!

I’m excited. I hope you are, too. NOW – let’s get to work!