What’s a Chakra?



In the world of energy and/or lightwork, the term chakra is often used. Most people have a vague idea of what a chakra is, but aren’t totally sure of the specifics. In Sanskrit, the term literally means wheel. But a chakra is actually a center or point of energy in the body. There are seven main chakras from your crown down to the base of your spine. There are many other minor chakras at other points along your body, such as the center of the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. Each chakra corresponds with physical body parts and issues, as well as emotional and spiritual needs/challenges/growth areas. For brevity’s sake, I’ll review the main seven chakras here. Actually, I’ll post some handy charts and infographics! Who doesn’t love an infographic? I mean, really?




By understanding the chakras and working with the energy of each one, we can achieve greater balance and clarity, get insight on specific issues and work to heal areas that are out of balance or not functioning as well as we’d like.


chakra spiral


You can check in with your chakras to get a sense of how vibrant or in balance they are. Start at either your crown or root chakra. Visualize the color of it. Observe whether it is bright, big, small, dim, etc. Is there pulsing? Spinning? Take note of what you observe in a relaxed, meditative state. To clear the chakras, work your way up or down your body and imagine each one spinning faster and growing brighter. Ask for them to be clear and radiant. Notice how you feel afterwards. Also pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations that arise while you do this exercise.


chakra chart


If you are having specific physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges you’d like to address, find the chakra that corresponds with this area, and meditate on it. Ask for any messages about the root of the issue. Send healing white or golden light to your chakra, clearing out old, stuck energy or “debris” and allowing your chakra to open, expand, spin, and radiate. I like to play soothing music when I do this, as it helps quiet my very active chatterbox of a mind. But however you can get quiet and relaxed is good, even if it’s just focusing on taking long, slow, deep belly breaths. Trust your intuition, do what feels right for you. They are YOUR chakras, after all, and you can clear them better than anyone else!


The Seven Chakras Of The Human Body

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