What’s my Life Purpose?

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When you have cleared out the blocks to the free flow of spirit through you and out, your body becomes an instrument of pure divine expression. Your wants and creative thoughts can guide that flow into a particular expression, directed by what your own soul wants at a particular moment. When your personality is scattered, busy, loud, it can redirect that expression, add static to the line, interfere with the purity of the message coming through or the depth of the experience of spirit. When spirit connection is stronger than personality, when connection takes the driver’s seat and personality is still on board, the merging of the many into one happens. You are all. Yet you are a unique expression of that all. Everything distilled into one – one who is unlike any other one. Personality need not be rejected or ejected. Just not allowed to drive. Personality is blind. Or, when some sight is accessible, personality has tunnel vision. It cannot see the person about to cross the street, the car coming into your lane. Your peripheral vision gives your personality anxiety (for now), but it is not bad to have such expanded vision. Trust in spirit. Surrender to the flow. You are learning to see through new eyes, and you will not be harmed in this process.

Integrating what serves you, releasing what does not. This is how to refine your personality in service of spirit, of soul nature and purpose. We would like to address this word “purpose” – it has such gravity when we sense you experiencing it. It is a very BIG and SERIOUS thing, this purpose. LIFE PURPOSE. What is my life’s purpose? If we had to pick just one purpose, we would say it is to live. To be alive. So you see, you are born already accomplishing your life’s purpose. This is why you get that message over and over – you are enough. You are, in this moment, ALL that you will ever need to be. You have accomplished your life’s purpose each and every day and you don’t have to DO anything, to struggle in any way. Oh, you can struggle. In fact, many of you are very good at it! Experts! A+! Struggle is not caused by life circumstances. Struggle is caused by perception. “Oh, but my life is very hard. If I do not do X, Y, Z, and 24 other things each day, my life would be even harder. My child’s life would be even harder.” We suggest that it would not. Living without struggle does not mean living without hard work. It means that the work you do is joyful, uplifting, enriching – in more ways than one. The hard work doesn’t feel “hard” because it is enjoyable. You have passion, enthusiasm, and adequate resources with which to engage in the work. Intense focus. Drive.

So we have established that your life’s purpose is to live. Check that off the list. “Find my life’s purpose. – Check!” “DO my life’s purpose. – Check!” We have also established that your life’s purpose need not involve struggle, even when it involves hard work. And now the personality begins to act up. But how? But that’s impractical! But I tried that and it didn’t work… But what will others say? But I can’t just quit my job. But how will I survive? But But BUT BUT BUT. The personality loves but. The personality also loves worst-case scenarios. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay.

Since you’ve already accomplished your life’s purpose, and continue to do so each day without even thinking, we would hope that some of the pressure you put on yourself is beginning to ease up. To make room for some new possibilities. To let the dreams grow a little bigger, a little louder, a little more extraordinary. The heart knows what it wants. The heart is your direct line to your soul. Your soul chose this vehicle, this instrument of your human form to create. To play. To express. Go back to your heart. Connect with your soul. Ask what it wants. And we’ll make this even easier and less stressful – there isn’t just one thing it wants. Your soul is limitless, and will continue creating possibilities, options, thinking of things it would like to try, to learn, to play at. So follow your heart, find what makes it sing. Find what gives you tingles. Find what lights you up on the inside. And keep in mind these two things: 1.) On a soul level, you are NOT responsible for anyone else. You do not have to feed or take care of anyone’s soul. Stop trying to. 2.) You need not be “compensated” for the work you do. The compensation is the joy of doing it. The experience of it. We realize this is radical information. That you hold beliefs about your self-worth being acknowledged, about fairness, about the practicalities of survival in your modern society. And here we come, and say “go do things you love and don’t expect compensation for it” and maybe that feels very silly or scary or impossible. It’s not. And we are not saying you won’t be compensated, either. We are just saying don’t EXPECT it. Don’t plan for it. Hold the vision of the life you want. Your soul already knows you need to have food, and shelter, and that you would really prefer some clothing and your iphone. You already put lots of energy towards those things, towards having and maintaining them. Try funneling some of that energy to the dreams. To the things you would do if you didn’t have bills to pay. Or the things you would KEEP doing, and do MORE of, if nothing held you back.

So drop the business plans. The investment strategies. You are creating more work for yourselves to keep you from doing the work your heart wants to be doing. JUST START DOING IT. In whatever small or big way you can, RIGHT NOW. Maybe it doesn’t look the way you want it to – guess what – you keep holding that vision of what you most want, and you will get there. Or the vision will evolve because you realize you weren’t even as connected to your heart as you could be until you started listening to it. And once you start listening, you hear more. The heart stops feeling ignored and starts voicing other wants. The soul comes down the line and refines this heart language you are learning to speak and understand, works around that personality of yours that likes to control things, that likes to picture the worst-case scenarios, and says “here’s a best-case scenario. focus on that for now.”

And just like that, your life changes. You see, it is not so serious. Not so dire. Just start with one thing you like, one thing you want to do that feels fun and joyful. And don’t let anything stop you from doing it.

We know there are more questions. We know there will be stumbling blocks as you adventure on this path. We are here, we enjoy these conversations, and we will have many more if you so choose! We prefer to speak to the heart questions, so do try to ask from that space. It is our intention that our responses help answer some of the mind questions as well, but we are here to encourage the heart connection.

With all our love,
The Council of Boundless Light