What The Fuck has been falling out of my mouth A LOT lately. I imagine I’m not alone in this. As someone who is deeply committed to heart-centered living, I’ve been learning a lot about love. About where anger fits in to the equation.

There’s this guy in Texas that thinks that women who get abortions should be charged with murder because that will make women more “personally responsible” for their sexual behavior. Oh, and men, too.

Except men don’t get pregnant. And men who don’t want to be fathers? They leave. And women – often alone – deal with the consequences of their “irresponsible” choices.

And let’s talk about this concept of irresponsibility. Forgetting all the instances of rape, failed contraception, etc. Even if – as I myself have done – a woman does throw all common sense and sexual education and personal responsibility to the wind and just – has some crazywildawesome heat of the moment primal raw animal sex – does that mean she’s inherently a bad human? That she should just have and raise, or go through the incredibly life-changing and painful process of placing for adoption – a child conceived in an “irresponsible” state of pure pleasure? WE ARE ALL FUCKING IRRESPONSIBLE SOMETIMES. ALL OF US.

Where is forgiveness in this? Where is acceptance of ourselves as fallible, human, sexual, pleasure-seeking beings? Because to me, forgiveness and acceptance are KEY ingredients in LOVE. In truly heart-centered, spiritual living.

I accept myself as I am. I accept that I fuck up. I accept that I am not always responsible. And I refuse to judge other humans, to punish them, to criminalize them, to leave them alone in a vulnerable position without resources or help. Stop legislating your hate and calling it love. Stop making women who accidentally get pregnant bear the full weight and responsibility of an irresponsible choice, of your own sexual shame, of your notion that life begins at conception (news flash: that’s so fucking subjective and no one can really prove when life begins), of your own inability to accept that we all make not so great choices.


Let’s get a little more clear on what love really is. And let’s allow our actions, our words, and our laws to reflect that. That’s my prayer today.