Client Experiences


What is a session with me like? Here are some of the experiences in my clients’ own words:


The level of personal insight and clarity I receive from working with Leah has helped me gain a deeper understanding and compassion for myself. Her messages are always uplifting, validating and full of so much love. Leah is an extremely gifted channel and healer with a wide open heart that provides a safe space for healing and clearing. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to work with Leah.

– Kelley H.


Leah is professional, kind, amazingly intuitive and skilled with energy work. My reiki session with her was intensely healing and the insights she received shocked me. Afterward, looking at her emailed notes and following up about the session served to reinforce the healing. I couldn’t recommend her more, she has a gift.

– Brit S.


When Leah worked on certain chakras, I could feel/see a gentle spinning sensation. Once Leah finished the Reiki treatment, I felt very relaxed, but also energized at the same time… I felt a sense of clarity.

The real treat came after the session was complete.  Leah and I began a dialogue. Essentially, Leah was able to help me know myself better because of her ability to channel messages.  I was shocked by the amount of information she was able to clearly articulate, as well as how accurate the messages were.

Overall, “Reiki Plus” as Leah refers to it, has literally changed my life.  I have been applying Leah’s words of wisdom to as many facets of my life as possible, and I can already see and feel a difference.  Leah is amazing…her energy is amazing and her ability to share her gifts is amazing.

– Becky S.


Reiki is like a massage for your soul. Leah is a skilled reiki practitioner and brings a serene and joyous presence to each reiki session she performs. Her ability to calm, soothe, and share peace make her a tremendous healer.  Over the years, Leah has demonstrated how reiki can transform a lifestyle into a life less ordinary. Her steadfast joy is contagious, and Leah has been a wellspring of love and support.

Leah is a talented reiki practitioner and a physical embodiment of what reiki is:  love, joy, and peace. I highly recommend her as a reiki healer and an assistant in all matters of spiritual enlightenment.

– Debra E.


Recently, I decided that it was high time to improve the way I was living; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After having extensive conversations with friends and family, and with the encouragement of Leah, I agreed to a Reiki session.

My Reiki Plus session with Leah was the first Reiki session I had ever experienced. I had decided ahead of time to go into the experience with an open heart and mind. Within moments of beginning the process, I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. Leah placed her hands over each of my chakras and worked with the individual energies flowing through them. Using both traditional Reiki practices, as well as the messages she was receiving, she was able to know which of my energies needed more attention than others.
After the Reiki session was complete, Leah and I sat down for a consultation. This portion of the session was equally as fantastic as the first. Having never been through a Reiki session before, I was interested to know what all the things I felt and experienced meant within a context that was approachable to a novice like me. Leah was able to explain to me what she felt and interpreted during our session in regards to my specific chakras. Some of the things Leah mentioned to me during the consultation, were personal items I do not share with others, and I was therefore awed that Reiki was able to help Leah see those things about me.
Leah also provided excellent sources to help me open up the chakras I had the most difficulty with, suggesting guided meditations and different exercises. Leah was very helpful in answering any questions that came up during the following weeks in regards to what I was feeling and experiencing, explaining deftly that everyone’s path is different, and to not be scared of what I was subsequently learning about myself.

– Kelsey M.

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