Why This? Why Now?


I used to have a “normal” job. I worked for nonprofit organizations for nearly a decade, wearing a variety of hats from volunteer coordinator to fundraiser to social worker (which includes many hats, in and of itself, as most jobs do!). The Reiki thing was always on the side. The lightwork/woowoo stuff was kept neatly tucked in a closet and only brought out when I spotted someone wearing a sparkly crystal, shuffling Tarot cards, or having an unmistakable odor of patchouli. You know… those people. The New Age-y ones. The hippies. The “out there” eccentric types. The people who wouldn’t judge.

My academic side craved degrees and validation. Science to back up everything. And there wasn’t enough “good” science to back up the woo that my heart so loved. But years and years of doing Reiki, receiving messages, and … slowly, ever so slowly, opening to this work… welp, it changed me. And it also showed me that there is something going on here. Maybe I can’t put it in a textbook. Maybe I can’t hook it up to a machine and watch it go bing, but something is happening. Something real. Something very valid. And something that means more to others and creates more profound change than any of the other jobs or hats I’ve worn over my lifetime.



And so here I am. Doing energy work. Talking about things like chakras and intuition and conscious evolution. In public, out in the open, as myself. As a mother, I must model for my child(ren) how to live authentically. How to lead a meaningful, joyful life. How to confront the hard parts of the world, how to learn the difficult lessons, and how to do so with grace and humility.


I’m excited for what’s to come. A bit scared, too. Just because I’m doing this work professionally doesn’t mean I have it all figured out! I will forever be a student. I will always have more to learn. I’m hoping to be a partner in your own journey of self-discovery and growth. A mirror reflecting back to you parts of yourself you might be keeping hidden, afraid to let out, or perhaps even unaware those sparkly glimmers are really yours.

It’s the most exciting, transformative, uplifting work I’ve ever done. And I can’t wait to share it with you.





(All images from the awesome Mystic Mamma!)